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inside that carport. neighbors telling us some of the cars in here had just been painted. one was new. i have new video of the flames when this fire was beening out of control. a resident was able to take pictures with his camera. most of the people we talked to said they were fast asleep when his fire broke out. they woke up to the fire. they started banging on each others doors. one wop wetbacked -- it was already starting to burn but she was determined to save her car. >> i came out to see what was going on. i grabbed my keys and family. >> reporter: was your car on fire? >> yes. i got my sweater and put it out. it's parked outside. >> reporter: you went into your car knowing it was on fire to pull it out. >> it was the side mirrors. >> reporter: and the rest of the cars were burn something >> yes the car next to me was on fire. it wasn't engulfed but it was starting to. >> reporter: you thought you had time? kind of crazy you got into your burning car. >> the thing is i just purchased it a month ago. >> reporter: back out here live when you see the extensive damage to the other cars
>>> >>> thank you for waking up with us on thursday morning. >>> would you ask if i can have a good forecast. i have been asking for that. >>> well, thank you. i defer to him. we have a pattern change. some sun on the coast. 60s and 70s. traffic is moving along you from driving on the bridge you can see it is good. the sunol grade looks good as well. >>> a fire in. we have more from the fire scene which is on clay street. a stand went up. and this cabinet here and where they were stored. the fire did not separate to the rest of the building but the people. people arrived after 3:00 this morning. the chief said that a bunch of shirts were burned and the front gate was damage damaged. and firefighters say it was a challenge to get in because once they did they hustled everyone out of the building. >> and what sparked the fire. >> we investigated it. and it is undetermined. they had cords for power for the stand. we're not sure. >> and you can see all of the rubbed here. it could have been force. >>> and 5:01. and investigating a deadly shooting. the body of a victim was found admit ni
. the sergeant did tell us, the victim is from the general area. investigators were out late into the night and early into the morning, trying to find witnesses in the area. they say they will need people to come forward with more information to make an arrest in the case. live in east palo alto, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> most people arrested, students and college students in san francisco. they were hoping to withdraw the school's accreditation. instead the mayor had them arrested. >> don't want to get arrested. >> and the sit-in began yesterday at 5:00. the students arrested were charged with trespassing and disturbing a public meeting. they were released. the mayor's office tells ktvu, he's committed to finding a way to keep the school open. >>> firefighters in the bay area still on high alert. the lightning threat still creating a very dangerous situation. ktvu is joining us live, good morning. , katie. >> where i'm standing, it feels like a chilly wind tunnel. it's quite gusty between martinez and hercules. you could also see the dry grass. the conditions, the wind with th
a nice start to the day. steve paulson will tell us all about the weather. but it's a nice look. it's monday morning, august 26th thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is over there. steve, can you find sun for us today? >> yes, i can but not right now. a little system coming in and helping increase that low cloud deck. it's back to school in beautiful pleasanton. starting off very warm. 60. 75 we will go for a high today. 82 after the morning clouds. santa rosa close at 59. temperatures on the very mild side it will be a little cooler today. kind of muggy. a little bit of moisture and humidity in the air too. temperatures coming down a few degrees from yesterday's highs. low to mid 80s for many. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. right now we have traffic that is going to be doing pretty well. expect, there is a crash in sonoma county. this crash is on highway 121 which is arnold drive. right in the area. right here at wagner road. which is just south of highway 116. a lot of people do take that road.
>>> thank you for waking up with us. >> i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> a new day, weather and traffic. steve is there. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> a lot going on. >> are you getting complaints about the wet weather. >> most people like it. most there are some out there want it a little warmer over by the coast. it has been tough. today is not bad the low moving in. a lot of low clouds and 60s and 70s. >>> 24, steve, as you drive between walnut creek and there is no roadwork. a nice drive if you are driving on to 580 and oakland. we're looking at the commute. and this commute looks good. it is 5:00. back to dave and pam. >>> police right now warning the public about two very dangerous pg and e imposters. and we find out about a bold home invasion. >> reporter: the robbery was blocks from where i'm standing here at the police department. the family called 911 after they untied themselves and the robbers left their home. they want you on the look out. they are on the loose. this is not the first time they had this type of robbery with someone posing as a robber. they we
eastern span. ktvu christien kafton is joining us live with more on this countdown. good morning, christian. >> reporter: good morning. let's give you a live look. sal was just talking about it. let's give you a look from the ground level. you can see the commute looking very good. we are a little less than 15 hours away from the bay bridge closure. and many drivers are taking their final morning commute across the bay bridge before that new eastern span opens. we are at the preparation phase at this point. as we have been reporting, the bridge shuts down at 8:00 tonight until tuesday morning. while the bridge itself shuts down at 8:00, the california highway patrol will begin shutting down feeder freeways to the bridge at 7:00 p.m.. so if your travels take you across the bridge this evening, you need to take that into account. if you try to roll up to the bridge at 7:59 it will be very difficult to get here. drivers are beginning to say goodbye to a bridge that has carried drivers for 77 years. >> well, i guess it served its purpose. right? and now out with the old and in with t
on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us it's friday, august 9th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you didn't tell me you invited the lovely rosemary orozco. >> she is always welcome here. >> good morning, rosemary. >> good morning, to you. it's friday. everybody has smiles on their face and a warmup coming their way. this morning we are waking up with low clouds, patchy drizzle, and fog. sound familiar? but by the afternoon temperatures will be turning just a bit warmer. this is the start of a warmup as we get into your weekend. we will see a bigger warmup especially by sunday. but along the coastline for today low 60s expected. 70 degrees right around the bay and low 80s for some of our warmer locations. a little breezy through the delta this afternoon. the afternoon sea breeze will be back. good morning, sal. >>> good morning. right now highway 4 looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. there are no major problems. 5:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> we have developing news in vallejo. police ha
to get around it is using interstate 280. that looks good going up the peninsula. this is interstate 880, that traffic continues to look good. getting to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's good going into san francisco. >> we're following developing news in hayward this morning where police killed a domestic violence suspect. claudine wong is on the scene. claw dean, you found out there was -- claudine you found there were children in the home at the time. >> yes, very scary. still a very active scene out here on tennyson road. this happened in an apartment complex. this whole area is still taped off as the crime scene unit processes the scene. a 37-year-old man is dead after being shot by police and it all started with a 911 call from a 12-year-old girl. >> the call came from a young female claiming that her parents were in a fight. dispatchers could hear fighting and arguing going on in the background. officers were responding and while they were responding the child advised that the father had armed himself with a knife and was threatening to kill the mother. >> back here live on tennyso
suggest using 87 or 280 instead. 280 is wide open for you in downtown jose. decent way to get down to the 87 and take that to the airport instead of 880 at this time. the morning commutes looks good at the toll plaza. light delay. no problems getting into the city. let's go back to the desk. >> following developing news in san jose. just a couple of hours ago, ktvu learned that the triple shooting at a vietnamese restaurant turned deadly. one person is dead, two others are wounded. jeanine tells us the police are out there still searching for suspects in this case. jeanine. >> reporter: yes, dave. crime scene technicians are on the scene, taking pictures and looking for any evidence that may lead them to a suspect. this happened here at the restaurant in east san jose. police tell me that they don't get called here normally and it appears that customers were just inside, enjoying themselves when gunfire startled everyone. shortly after 10:00 last night, bullets came flying inside of the restaurant near capital. officers say it appears whoever fired the shots were outside. three men
had to use the jaws of life to pry the man out. he was trapped between the drivers seat. this happened at 1:00. the chp says the victim is a 30- 35 man from san pablo bay with a washington's driver's license. he was taken to hairing general hospital. the man is driving a work van but authorities don't know where he was headed. the doors to the vehicle are so jammed so these drews are able to search inside for any cruels. mg a is out right now. the van marked the pole straight up over the ground but the fires have remained in tact. no electricity has been caught you have to anyone. right now traffic on highway 101 southbound again near the parkway is flowing very nicely. live from san rafael i'm tara moriarty. >>> this morning -- it has tripled in size in the past few but -- claudine wong joins us now. >> reporter: daybreak is approaching but we still have time for crews to use the dark to get ahead of this thing. the overnight hours are critical when you talk about potential progress. the rim fire has tripled in size. it's burned more than 63,000 acres. containment 5% now down to 1%. t
are expected to walk off the job starting a three day strike. tara joining us live to tell us what led up to today's walk out. >> reporter: city workers will be hitting the picket line in one hour and hayward hired replacement workers to fill those spot outside. could get interesting. >>> last night members of 1021 prepared for three day strike after negotiations between the union and city reached impasse at the bargaining table. 280 workers will hold picket lines outside the city's animal control center, department of public works and libraries. workers have been without a contract since april and without a raise since 2010. >> we wouldn't be doing this if we had any other choice. this is what we've been forced to do. >> hayward's assistant manager says they face a deficit and needs workers to contribute more towards health and retirement. >> we're looking for ways that we can retain our employees and retain workforce and continue to provide services while asking for minimal contributions. >> but she says the union refuses to budge accusing it of delay and scare tactics. those who work i
create a big challenge this season. >> they claim the us made this up as they get ready to take military action. >>> we want to take you to an early morning house fire in oakland. the fire is out and flames were under control. they were leaping early. we'll show you the video in a moment and we'll tell you about why one local woman was frightened about who might be inside. >> i'm dave clark, let's check weather and traffic. we go to steve. >>> good morning. thank you. the fog is there. it's not anything compared to yesterday. the sea breeze has tailed off. the lows are cooler, but high pressure is going to give us a warmer day today. still low 60s, yesterday was mid-60s, santa rosa down to 51, redwood city, fairfield 59, the sea breeze has been cut in half compared to yesterday. all signs of a warmup. we'll start off at 55, it won't last long. we'll go for a high today of # 4. temperatures today will continue to warm up. and, in fact, we'll see a lot of 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. that's a sure thing that things will warm up. a little bit of fog but a much warmer day. >> we're looking at the
in a moment. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday, august 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. we go right to steve. >> we have a very similar pattern. almost a carbon copy. sop low clouds. temperatures went way up. 50s and low to mid 60s. it will be lots of sun today. niece to warm to hot. it will be a rather warm and toasty day for starting off 64 and high of 85. already 64 there. 60 concord. upper 50s and low 50s. 38 in tahoe. a little chill to the morning air. 56 ukiah to 48 eureka. probably won't take long for them to warm up. a little bit of a breeze. that is the only fly in the ointment. warm to hot. mostly sunny. i say that because the fog sticks around. yesterday was the city temperature lots be very close. it looks like starting farm we will see a difference in the average highs for the day. here is sal. >>> good morning. right. think they don't have a lot going on another east bay. that is a good news for drivers. this is a look now at 237 and the southeast bay. westbound traffic does look good getting over to highway 101. if we
cities going to heat up for the second half of the day into the mid 90s for some of us. mid 60s in fairfield. 60 degrees for san francisco. 50s as you step outside your door in areas like nevada and santa rosa. visibility anywhere from 1-2 miles as i move east just a bit 62 orinda. and 59 for pleasanton. low 70s expected for san francisco. upper 70s to low 80s for the east bay. get inland and it's going to be warm. we are talking low 90s for concord and livermore. mid 90s around pittsburgh and antioch. i will have a detailed look at your afternoon highs. plus we need to talk about that labor day weekend. more on that in just a bit. good morning, sal. >>> day two of the closure is looking okay. you will see the closure is going to be there. the hard closure approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic on the east shore freeway looks pretty good. i want to mention san mateo bridge traffic looks okay once you make it on to the san mateo bridge. i think we have a picture of that for you. westbound. just before it we have a crash reported. westbound 92. near the toll plaza is repor
for joining us. >> i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >>> good to see you. >> thank you. >>> steve is right over there with weather and it is different this morning. >> very different for us. >> there is a lot of drizzle. and they are saying why this is far inland. and it is inland. it is associated with the low today and tomorrow and cool looking clouds yesterday. 50s, 60s and 70s. >>> good morning traffic is moving along well here on the san mateo bridge. if you are driving to foster city it could be a good drive. the commute. traffic is good. misty weather though and that could make for wet roads. how about the desk. >>> we're starting with breaking news, sad story a baby is among two people killed in a shooting that happened in oakland. and talking to neighbors with more information. someone crept into the backyard off gormley avenue. a man was inside. he may have been targeted. if you look here there is a house we're talking about a baby was killed. police have roped off the street here, this is where the shooting happened. the parents of the 20 year old, they are distraught. it may have be
in san francisco are fed up with the tourists in their neighborhood. paul chambers joins us now with some of the issues. it's causing quite a debate out in, paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam. if you are familiar with the show full house that ran back in the '80s and '90s you know the iconic view of the painted ladies here behind me. >> it's not any of these houses. >> reporter: that is pedro. he owns a house across from alamo park. he says he hear tour buses guide misidentifying his home as the one where the full house show was shot. residents here says one tour bus comes through the area every three minutes. all of whom were taking pictures and checking out iconic homes known as the painted ladies. beurres tents say they have had enough and fighting for two years to force buses carrying nine or more people to stay away. because they are tired of exhaust and congestion. last year the city ordered tour buss to park on one specific corner but that just launched new complaints by other people. >> they are blocking three blocks now. but we heard feed back from the community saying they don
in the vineyard center. we're still trying to confirm what threat the robber used. we have learned he may be the same man who robbed two others stores last saturday. as you could see on the map all the locations are in the same area. and claycord says witnesses described the suspect as a white man with a bushy gray mustache. he looked homeless and was carrying a gun. clayton police officers patrolled this area. they say they are concerned about their shopping center which is nearby. the suspect they have is carrying the same weapon as well. ktvu. >>> the bart strike still a possibility. contract talks between bart and the unions, they have been on hold since august 11. the governor called a 60 day cooling-off period. and many business leaders are calling on the governor to get personally involved in the contract talks. the poll published in today's chronicle shows voters in three bay area counties support bart. they would back measures to raise taxes to improve the transit system. the poll was not released but it was brought up often by the bart managers and its unions. >>> an australian
on that on this thursday morning, august 29. thanks for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. you ready for a busy day? >> i think so. >> i think we are too. >>> stepping outside the door you'll probably notice more cloud cover. the clouds spanning in coverage. livermore one of the few spots out toward fairfield reporting mostly clear skies. current temperatures are in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. not a big change here. off to a mild start this morning for the coast. areas of fog and drizzle that will impact your visibility so keep that in mind in the short term. then into the afternoon hours, patchy fog, 63 to 68 degrees. right around the bay, basically the same deal at 8:00 this morning. then more sunshine as we gratdually strip -- gradually strip away the clouds. inland neighborhoods even patchy fog this morning. that's a difference compared to yesterday at this time and going to warm things back up. 58 to right around 90 degrees for afternoon highs. these numbers about the same as yesterday. really no big changes. san francisco 69 degrees. san jose 81. livermore 88. and ant
it started. they tell us that a fellow was cooking and left oil unattended. when you he walked back into the room it started. his girlfriend heard the alarms. we spoke with her. this what she had to say. >> the wichen was on fire. i broke up my daughter and son. we got out. and i pulled my car back a scary moment for r as they had two children with them. everyone got out safely. there were 16 people who had to evacuate and everyone is okay. they don't have a place and they are here on the scene and arrange for them and be in hotels. as far as the loss. they lost everything but they are thankful they are alive. >>> and an early morning house fire in oakland is being investigated. this started about an hour ago on 79th efficient and holly streets. firefighters put it out -- put it out quickly. no word on the cause. >> search is underway for a teen who walked away last night from a juvenile detention center. the 16 year old boy was held at the log capin youth camp. he left at 630 a burgundy shirt and tan pants. if you have information call 911. >>> time now is 5:09. an extended shutdo
,000 people use the ac system daily in of course both sides are hoping they can agree on a contract before it happens. managers negotiated last night. they went until midnight negotiating with the local 192. the union represents about 1600 workers. this dispute centers on salary, health care and rest breaks for employees. on the issue of pay, the two sides seem to be close. >> a little more than 1% apart. the sticking point is health and welfare payments. we're asking them to pay 10% like all the other employees do. >> it will be awful i don't want to lose my job because i can't get there. >> the union representing ac transit has not staged a strike in 38 years. they rely on them to get to school or work. as some of the busses were bulling -- pulling out here i tried asking one of the drivers about the negotiations, she did not want to say anything about a possibility. the deadline is midnight tonight if no deal is reached. >>> the two sides in the bart dispute will present their cases to the board of inquiry. it will determine the next step in the labor dispute. the board will hear from m
. they believe this was a privately owned party bus that was not being used for an event at the time of the crash. it happened as the bus was going northbound on 280 just south of alpine road. now the first officers who got here to the scene after the accident did find one man dead inside the wrecked bus. he is believed to be the passenger. but the driver of the bus was nowhere to be found. although a short time later officers did find a man who was walking on a road nearby. he had some minor injuries. he was checked out by paramedics and taken to the hospital. he is being detained by questioning. >> we don't know if it's because of a medical condition or he's not being cooperative. >> reporter: if that man was in fact the driver he could face charges for the death of the passenger in this case. the man that was killed in his mid to late 30s and was from san francisco. at this -- and the man they have detained. live this morning near portola valley alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a pedestrian hit and killed an eastern contra costa county. >> reporter: over here are remnants of where the fla
're putting extra firefighters and they have additional engines on stand py as well. a chief told us they're changing how crews respond to calls to make sure they're able to deal with a fire sparked by lightning. >> the multiple incident plan is going to be activated and what that does it changes our normal response, we modify it in anticipation of multiple instances in a large geographic area. >> in an effort to key it early on, cal fire will be stationings lookouts and they'll be up on peaks in the area trying to keep an eye out for smoke and have crews responding to fires before they get out of hand. those hookouts will be the in place starting later on this morning. fear fighters will be on their tows, they'll have to be ready for fires to break out. these red flag warning and dangerous conditions will remain until tomorrow morning. wednesday morning. >> 5,000 firefighters are battling fires across the weather and the -- across the state and the weather could make conditions work. gusty winds and dry lightning, many of the fires are burning in remote areas, but others have forced the
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